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You are about to learn some powerful insights and specific steps for building and growing a business based on the Book of Proverbs. I can’t wait to share it all with you on September 29th.

Until then, let’s build a community of women interested in this topic! Would you like to help?

Here are two things you can do:

[dropcap3 variation=”pearl”]1[/dropcap3] Send an email to anyone you think would be interested in this program. In the message you can share a link to the main page for THE PATTERN. Here’s the link: http://herworthintl.wpengine.com/the-pattern

[dropcap3 variation=”pearl”]2[/dropcap3] Share the page on Facebook. To do this, [fancy_link link=”http://herworthintl.wpengine.com/the-pattern” variation=”pearl”]go back to the main page for THE PATTERN[/fancy_link]
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Thank you for sharing the wisdom and building the Her Worth community.

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Rachel Rose Cost
Founder of Her Worth


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