Faith-based Guidelines for Building a Business with Purpose, Passion & Profit


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Too busy.

You have business plans and dreams, but simply can’t find the time to devote to one. more. task.

Ultra responsible.

You have wondered how to start and grow a business without sacrificing your personal obligations.

Full of potential.

You have a full life, yet know there is a creative enterprise waiting to come to fruition if you had some clear steps to bring it to life.

Out of alignment.

You have a job that doesn’t connect with your God-given purpose. Or worse – a job that brings with it a sense of guilt – an inner knowing that somehow your actions are out of alignment with what you value most.

It’s okay. You’re not alone.

In many ways, we modern women have lost our way. We have so many choices available, yet so many demands on our time. On one hand, total freedom. On the other, impossible constraints.

No wonder it’s so easy to feel stuck.

Have Faith

The Pattern™ is a collection of Biblical wisdom shared with a modern understanding of women’s lives and the marketplace, developed to help you clarify your purpose-driven business vision and build it in balance with your busy life.

At the heart of The Pattern™ is a set of 12 Guidelines inspired by the Wife of Noble Character from the ancient Book of Proverbs.

This renowned woman is described in Proverbs Chapter 31 as diligent, confident and generous. She is a wife, mother, homemaker, investor, mentor and philanthropist. She is also a successful entrepreneur – a key life choice that allowed her to fully leverage her talents and bring prosperity to her family and blessing to her community.

The Pattern™ is an online course that includes:


Twelve 15-minute instructional videos covering the 12 Guidelines. View at your own pace.

Vision Sheets

Twelve printable worksheets with step by step activities to help put every insight into action.


A business insider’s list of resources to help launch your business on a shoestring budget.

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Her Worth International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. All proceeds from this course contribute toward our mission to equip women around the world with business resources.



Here is a sample of what you will learn in the Pattern™

The Truth

Learn to recognize and defeat untruths that hold many Christian women back from starting the creative enterprise God intends for them.

Clear Directions

Learn a step by step process you can use to determine the business God created you to build.

A Framework

Learn the framework that allows God to bless your enterprise with unlimited growth. Hint: this is not a predefined business, but a structure to follow.

A Multiplier

Uncover a powerful God-given multiplier of all your entrepreneurial efforts. If you have ever felt tired just at the thought of starting a business, this insight is the cure.

A Bit of Leverage

Get the biggest return on the time you invest in your business. Learn a common mistake that will keep you working too many hours and how to avoid it.

Work-Life Balance

Learn a simple but powerful technique to balance your time between work and family and avoid guilt on either side.

A Lifesaver

Many think they are attracting more business, but in fact due to this one error they are actually driving it away. Learn how to avoid it and reap big rewards.

The Key

Learn the central key, straight from the Book of Proverbs, to unlocking a nearly unlimited supply of time and energy for your business and family.


The Author


Rachel Rose Nelson is the Founder & President of Her Worth International. She is a wife and mother of three and has worked as a business development consultant for 20 years with projects ranging from logos for one-person startups to keynote presentations for CEOs of companies with hundreds of employees to total business transformations.   Her clients and their products have been featured on the New York Times Best Sellers List, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s O list, InStyle Magazine, People Magazine and more. Their products are carried in Whole Foods, Target, Babies R Us and others.   She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership from Portland Seminary.

Enrollment for The Pattern™ is now closed.


Join the waitlist to be first in line when we offer it again.

Her Worth International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
All proceeds from this course contribute toward our mission to equip women around the world with business resources.

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If you are not fully satisfied, feel free to contact us with your completed Vision Sheets, for a refund of your full payment. How can we make such a guarantee? We have packed so much value into The Pattern™ that we know you will be happy.

The Resource List alone will save you thousands of dollars in startup and promotional costs.

If you finish The Pattern™ and still have questions about the direction of your creative endeavor, simply contact us. We love working directly with clients to help them overcome challenges and realize their vision.


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