The Daily Office is a classic spiritual discipline of liturgical morning and evening prayers. The practice takes a variety of forms. I use these Daily Office Conteplation Cards each morning as I prepare for the day ahead. They are inspired by The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

Here is how I use them:

I have hole punched the cards to fit in a mini-binder along with 5 tabs and lined notebook paper which all serves as my prayer journal.

In Step 1 I pray for myself, my family, my work and those causes that God has placed on my heart, bringing them all into His presence and provision. I have pre-written prayers that I say for most, placed behind the Step 1 card. I then pray through things God lays on my heart in the moment.

In Step 2 I list everything that comes to mind as tasks for the day. I listen for God to speak to me about which items need to wait for another day and which should take priority for the day at hand.

In Step 3 I confess in writing my anxieties to God and the “strategies” I have been using to cope with them. I bring them all to God in prayer.

In Step 4 I open my Bible to a random page, or return to Scripture I am working to memorize, or use a lectionary. I record what God says to me through His word.

In Step 5 I simply remain quiet and let God speak to me of His own identity in relation to me and record the answer.

Feel free to use these cards in any way you see fit. I pray they will bless you!

Rachel Rose Nelson
Founder & President of Her Worth International

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