What is Freedom Business?

Freedom business is a term used to describe an ecosystem of enterprises involved in global anti-trafficking efforts.

These businesses are uniquely positioned to undermine the economically driven foundations of the sex trade and trafficking industries. By combining the vital components of economic opportunity and holistic ministry, the numbers of people trapped in these industries can be reduced for good.

A major root cause of these industries is economic vulnerability. Places with high unemployment and under-employment are high-risk areas, where traffickers lure vulnerable people in desperate need of jobs. Thus there can be no adequate prevention of human trafficking unless dignified economic opportunity is created. Likewise, no sustainable solution can be achieved unless jobs with dignity can be provided for survivors.1

While a vital first step, it is not enough to rescue people out of trafficking. Entrepreneurs are needed to create jobs that employ vulnerable populations and restore those who have been rescued.

According to the Trust Conference Action:
Without safe employment, 80% of survivors will get re-trafficked.2
BOTTOM LINE: Human trafficking prevention, restoration and reintegration require job creation to be effective.


About The Freedom Business Movement

Over the past decade freedom businesses around the world have sprung up as God stirs up the hearts of men and women to answer this unique calling. These businesses are growing slowly and steadily, but still vastly out of proportion to the need. According to the Freedom Business Alliance, 95% of freedom businesses have yet to achieve true profitability.

The Unique Challenges of Freedom Business

While traditional businesses typically seek employees as resources – hiring innovative, knowledgeable and industry-leading experts – freedom businesses seek first to be resources to those they employ. Thus, they intentionally create opportunities for those who are often uneducated, without skills and require developmental strategies such as holistic ministry, aftercare, initial training and ongoing development.

Many freedom businesses manufacture goods for the export industry including luxury goods such as jewelry, home decor and fashion accessories. These products are then sold in developed markets. There are many challenges to engaging and thriving in the export market: product development, distribution, logistics, quality assurance, economies of scale, customer loyalty, product development, and more. The competition with larger brands and manufacturers that often employ an exploited workforce can create intense price competition.3

Our Mission

Her Worth International equips women to lead freedom businesses, supporting them to succeed at this challenging Kingdom calling. We do this by developing training resources, sharing key findings from our in-house freedom business initiative One Dress United, spotlighting freedom business leaders around the world, and creating an online marketplace for their goods.

We are building a global community of people like you – ones who want to support these businesses by purchasing their goods and sponsoring their success through donations or giving a percentage of profits from your own business. Read more below to learn ways to connect in to the movement.


In 2012, the Business as Mission (BAM) Global Think Tank assigned a working group to explore business solutions to human trafficking. The group’s report notes that:

Traditionally, businesses have been relegated to participating in anti-trafficking work as the funding source for the work of non-profits. However, business as mission (BAM) entrusts business with much more than simply funding non-profit work; the business itself becomes the vehicle of change. As such, both nonprofit and for-profit strategies are integral to success in anti-trafficking work. By combining the necessary components of economic productivity and holistic ministry, the staggering numbers of people caught in the trade can be reduced through the powerful response of freedom business.

The group identified businesses that aim at providing solutions to human trafficking, particularly by providing jobs for prevention and restoration.

In 2015 the think tank’s deliberations led to the launching of the Freedom Business Alliance (FBA), a global trade association that believes business can be a powerful tool in the holistic restoration of individuals and the transformation of their communities.4

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