What is Her Worth?

In the Book of Proverbs a woman is said to be worth more than rubies. Yet today, a woman’s sense of worth is clearly under assault. From Hollywood to Haiti, Madison Avenue to Malaysia, sex sells. From haute couture to human trafficking, the pursuit of profit drives it all. But the truth is, business can be used for evil or for good.

God calls for an economy on earth as it is in heaven.
It’s our business to respond.

This is called Freedom Business.
This is our mission.

At Her Worth International

We believe God wants to use business to bring economic justice, transform lives and set women free.

We exist to equip this generation of women to lead the next generation of freedom businesses.


We are building an online platform to connect a global community of women, inspiring them to think deeply about God’s Word and its ability to reveal to them His purpose in their lives.


Using social media, radio, virtual studies and books, Her Worth International shares with women the art of investing their lives in the ways which matter most to God.


Using social business principles, we mobilize our growing community of women to reach others facing financial desperation, offering redemption, education, opportunity and support.

Our Team

Rachel Rose Nelson

Jean Nevills


Her Worth International is a Christian nonprofit ministry. Our beliefs align with The Lausanne Covenant.


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